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      17 beta-Estradiol influences in vitro response of aged rat splenic conventional dendritic cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 agonists in an agonist specific manner [1]
      17β-Estradiol and genistein affect macrophage inflammatory cytokine production during aging in sex-specific manner [1]
      5 ' untranslated region of the Pseudomonas putida WCS358 stationary phase sigma factor rpoS mRNA is involved in RpoS translational regulation [1]
      A case of human monocytic ehrlichiosis in Serbia [1]
      A combination of N-acetyl cysteine and propolisattenuates oxidative-inflammatory parametersduring COPD exacerbation [1]
      A determination of ImmunoCAP specific IgG(4) antibodies as a possible diagnostic marker for monitoring of immunotherapy to mite [1]
      A Forgotten Episode of Marburg Virus Disease: Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1967 [1]
      A herd immunity to rubella virus in selected geographical regions [1]
      A high dose of an idiotype generates high levels of Ab2s [1]
      A matrix effect in pectin-rich fruits hampers digestion of allergen by pepsin in vivo and in vitro [1]
      A morphological study of the size of the vascular compartment of the carotid body in a non-human primate (Cercopithecus ethiopus), and a comparison with the cat and rat [1]
      A Mumps Outbreak in Vojvodina, Serbia, in 2012 Underlines the Need for Additional Vaccination Opportunities for Young Adults [1]
      A novel hypothesis regarding the possible involvement of cytosolic phospholipase 2 in insulin-stimulated proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells [1]
      A novel thermostable YtnP lactonase from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia inhibits Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence in vitro and in vivo [1]
      A novel YtnP lactonase reduces the expression of p. aeruginosa MMA83 quorum sensing andvirulence factors gene expression [1]
      A Probiotic Adjuvant Lactobacillus rhamnosus Enhances Specific Immune Responses after Ocular Mucosal Immunization with Chlamydial Polymorphic Membrane Protein C [1]
      A recombinant kiwi cystatin is a novel reagent for evaluation of the clinical relevance on phytocystatins in kiwi fruit allergy [1]
      A successful use of a new shuttle cloning vector pA13 for the cloning of the bacteriocins BacSJ and acidocin 8912 [1]
      A survey of antimicrobial activity in lactic acid bacteria of different origin [1]
      A Zn-Dependent Metallopeptidase Is Responsible for Sensitivity to LsbB, a Class II Leaderless Bacteriocin of Lactococcus lactis subsp lactis BGMN1-5 [1]