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      Rana alergijska reakcija na metilprednizolon sa tolerancijom drugih kortikosteroida [1]
      Rat strain differences in peritoneal immune cell response to selected gut microbiota: A crossroad between tolerance and autoimmunity? [1]
      Rat thymocytes differentiation in adult thymus organ culture [1]
      Razlike u edemu šape pacova indukovanom konkanavalinom a u zavisnosti od soja - uticaj histaminskih H1 i H2 receptora [1]
      Reactive oxygen species (ROS), but not nitric oxide (NO), contribute to strain differences in the susceptibility to experimental arthritis in rats [1]
      Reaktivnost kože i sistem 'prik-test jednak histaminskom' kod osoba preosetljivih na polene trava [1]
      Recombinant banana lectin as mucosal immunostimulator [1]
      Recombinantly produced banana lectin isoform promotes balanced pro-inflammatory response in the colon [1]
      Reduced tissue immigration of monocytes by neuropeptide Y during endotoxemia is associated with Y-2 receptor activation [1]
      Removal of N-terminal peptides from β-lactoglobulin by proteolytic contaminants in a commercial phenol oxidase preparation [1]
      Reshaping of T-lymphocyte compartment in adult prepubertaly ovariectomised rats: A putative role for progesterone deficiency [1]
      Results of influenza surveillance during the pandemic and post-pandemic influenza season in AP Vojvodina, Serbia [1]
      Resurgence of measles in Serbia 2010-2011 highlights the need for supplementary immunization activities [1]
      Retrospective Analysis of Six Years of Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance and Polio Vaccine Coverage Reported by Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Malta, and Greece [1]
      Review of new multicausal chronical poultry disease [1]
      Rezistencija Streptococcus Pneumoniae na Penicilin i Ceftriakson u periodu 1999.-2005. u Nišavskom okrugu [1]
      Rezultati nadzora nad gripom tokom pandemijske i postpandemijskih sezona u AP Vojvodini, Srbija [1]
      Rinitis izazvan lekovima [1]
      Rise in 2017-2018 measles morbidity in Serbia and northwest Russia [1]
      Role of gonadal hormones in programming developmental changes in thymopoietic efficiency and sexual diergism in thymopoiesis [1]