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      Natural killer cells as participants in pathogenesis of rat experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE): lessons from research on rats with distinct age and strain [1]
      Nature of the virus associated with endemic Balkan nephropathy [1]
      Neonatal androgenization affects the efficiency of beta-adrenoceptor-mediated modulation of thymopoiesis [1]
      Neonatal androgenization affects the intrathymic T-cell maturation in rats [1]
      Neonatal castration affects intrathymic kinetics of T-cell differentiation and the spleen T-cell level [1]
      Neonatal testosterone imprinting affects thymus development and leads to phenotypic rejuvenation and masculinization of the peripheral blood T-cell compartment in adult female rats [1]
      Network connectivity is shown to change in C57BL/6 mice during a continuing immune response subsequent to tetanus toxoid hyperimmunization [1]
      Neuropeptide Y (NPY) modulates oxidative burst and nitric oxide production in carrageenan-elicited granulocytes from rat air pouch [1]
      Neuropeptide Y and its receptor subtypes specifically modulate rat peritoneal macrophage functions in vitro: counter regulation through Y1 and Y2/5 receptors [1]
      Neuropeptide Y modulates functions of inflammatory cells in the rat: Distinct role for Y1, Y2 and Y5 receptors [1]
      Neuropeptide Y modulates oxidative burst and NO production in carrageenan-elicited granulocytes from rat air pouch [1]
      Neuropeptide Y receptor-specifically modulates human neutrophil function [1]
      Neuropeptide Y: The story, the players, the outcomes [2]
      Neuroprotective effect of chronic verapamil treatment on cognitive and noncognitive deficits in an experimental Alzheimer's disease in rats [1]
      Newly designed hemagglutinin-Der p 2 chimera is a potential candidate for allergen specific immunotherapy [1]
      Noradrenaline modulates CD4+T cell priming in rat experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: a role for the alpha(1)-adrenoceptor [1]
      Noradrenaline through beta-adrenoceptor contributes to sexual dimorphism in primary CD4+T-cell response in DA rat EAE model? [1]
      Novel H1N1 influenza in neonates: from mild to fatal disease [1]
      Novel vaccine strategy for ocular surface infections using conjunctiva-associated lymphoid tissue as a route of immunization: local and systemic responses to model antigen [1]
      NPY suppressed development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Dark Agouti rats by disrupting costimulatory molecule interactions [1]