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      Carbamazepine hypersensitivity syndrome with leukopenia and hepatitis - report of two cases [1]
      Carrageenan - a natural inhibitor of ocular chlamydial infection in vitro and in vivo [1]
      Castration of sexually immature rats affects sympathetic innervation of the adult thymus [1]
      Catecholaminergic signalling through thymic nerve fibres, thymocytes and stromal cells is dependent on both circulating and locally synthesized glucocorticoids [1]
      Catecholamines as immunomodulators: A role for adrenoceptor-mediated mechanisms in fine tuning of T-cell development [1]
      Catecholamines as mediators of male gonadal hormone action on thymopoiesis [1]
      Catecholamines influence development of EAE [1]
      Cellular and Nerve Fibre Catecholaminergic Thymic Network: Steroid Hormone Dependent Activity [1]
      Changes in Composition of IgM Polymers in Patients Suffering from Recurrent Urinary Bacterial Infections after Bacterial Immunization Treatment [1]
      Changes in genetic diversity of the bordetella pertussis population in Serbia between 1953 and 2011 [1]
      Changes in immunological and neuronal conditions markedly altered antibody response to intracerebroventricularly injected ovalbumin in the rat [1]
      Changes in lymphatic organs of layer chickens following vaccination against Marek’s disease: Histological and stereological analysis [1]
      Changes In Parameters Of Immunological And Oxidative Status In Elite Athletes During Winter [1]
      Changes in Parameters of Oxidative Stress, Immunity, and Behavior in Endurance Athletes During a Preparation Period in Winter [1]
      Changes in pools of autoantibodies and anti-bacterial antibodies in patients suffering from recurrent infections of the urinary tract and undergoing bacterial immunization treatment [1]
      Changes in the thymus of peripubertal rats induced by centrally applied somatostatin-28 [1]
      Changes in the vaginal flora of trichomoniasis patients after vaccination with solcotrichovac [1]
      Changes in thymopoiesis in myasthenia gravis [1]
      Changes in thymus size, cellularity and relation between thymocyte subpopulations in young adult rats induced by Somatostatin-14 [1]
      Characterisation of a thaumatin-like homologue from birch (Betula verrucosa) pollen [1]