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      Adrenal hormone deprivation affects macrophage catecholamine metabolism and 2-adrenoceptor density, but not propranolol stimulation of tumour necrosis factor- production [1]
      Age and sex determine CD4+T cell stimulatory and polarizing capacity of rat splenic dendritic cells [1]
      Age-associated changes in CD90 expression on thymocytes and in TCR-dependent stages of thymocyte maturation in male rats [1]
      Age-associated changes in rat immune system: Lessons learned from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [1]
      Age-associated plasticity of alpha 1-adrenoceptor-mediated tuning of T-cell development [1]
      Age-Associated Remodeling of Neural and Nonneural Thymic Catecholaminergic Network Affects Thymopoietic Productivity [1]
      Age-Associated Remodeling of Thymopoiesis: Role for Gonadal Hormones and Catecholamines [1]
      Age-associated reshaping of the thymocyte differentiation model in male rats [1]
      Age-related changes in spleen of Dark Agouti rats immunized for experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [1]
      Age-related effect of peptide YY (PYY) on paw edema in the rat: The function of Y1 receptors on inflammatory cells [1]
      Age-related effect of peptide YY(PYY) on paw edema in rat: The function of Y1 receptors on inflammatory [1]
      Aging affects AO rat splenic conventional dendritic cell subset composition, cytokine synthesis and T-helper polarizing capacity [1]
      Aging affects the responsiveness of rat peritoneal macrophages to GM-CSF and IL-4 [1]
      Aging diminishes the resistance of AO rats to EAE: putative role of enhanced generation of GM-CSF Expressing CD4+T cells in aged rats [1]
      Aging impairs endocytic capacity of splenic dendritic cells from dark agouti rats and alters their response to TLR4 stimulation [1]
      Aging oppositely affects TNF-alpha and IL-10 production by macrophages from different rat strains [1]
      Aging, aluminium and basal forebrain lesions modify substrate kinetics of erythrocyte membrane Na, K-ATPase in the rat [1]
      Aging, cancer, and longevity: The uncertain road [1]
      Allergenic potency of kiwi fruit during fruit development [1]
      Allergenicity and immunogenicity of the major mugwort pollen allergen Art v 1 chemically modified by acetylation [1]