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      The importance of cross-reactivity in grass pollen allergy [1]
      The influence of a cryoprotective medium containing glycerol on the lyophilization of lactic acid bacteria [1]
      The influence of a residual group in low-molecular-weight allergoids of Artemisia vulgaris pollen on their allergenicity, IgE- and IgG-binding properties [1]
      The influence of aging and estradiol to progesterone ratio on rat macrophage phenotypic profile and NO and TNF-alpha production [1]
      The influence of Di-Te and Di-Te-Per vaccine on the tuberculin sensitivity of guinea pigs [1]
      The influence of restraint stress and beta-endorphin on inflammatory edema and macrophage function in AO rats [1]
      The influence of stress and methionine-enkephalin on macrophage functions in two inbred rat strains [1]
      The insulin-like growth factor system in the circulation of patients with viral infections [1]
      The intriguing mission of neuropeptide Y in the immune system [1]
      The involvement of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the in vitro effects of 17 beta-estradiol on secretory profile of peritoneal macrophages from naturally menopausal female and middle-aged male rats [1]
      The monoclonal antibody 26 raised against tetanus toxoid also recognizes tetanus toxin and β2-glycoprotein I - its binding properties in vitro and potential applications [1]
      The murine monoclonal antibody specific for human kappa immunoglobuline chain and its application possibilities [1]
      The neuronal and immune memory systems as supervisors of neural plasticity and aging of the brain - From phenomenology to coding of information [1]
      The ocular conjunctiva and conjunctiva-associated lymphoid tissue as a mucosal immunization route: humoral and cellular immune responses against Salmonella typhimurium Bacterial Ghosts [1]
      The Ocular Conjunctiva as a Mucosal Immunization Route: A Profile of the Immune Response to the Model Antigen Tetanus Toxoid [1]
      The persistance of immunity several years after primary immunization with live oral poliovirus vaccine Sabin [1]
      The possible role of natural idiotopes in immune memory [1]
      The results of staphylolysin titres and IgA, IgM and IgG fractions in sera from burned patients before and after treatment with a polyvalent staphylococcal vaccine [1]
      The role of CD40 in the proliferation of CLL B lymphocytes [1]
      The role of phenolic components of short ragweed pollen in igE binding and immune response to allergens [1]