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      Seroprevalence study in Vojvodina (Serbia) following 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1)v [1]
      Severe neonatal echovirus 17 infection during a nursery outbreak [1]
      Sex and age as determinants of rat T-cell phenotypic characteristics: influence of peripubertal gonadectomy [1]
      Sex and strain-specific changes of macrophage cytokine profile in female rats during reproductive aging [1]
      Sex as a confounding factor in the effects of ageing on rat lymph node t cell compartment [1]
      Sex bias in mouse humoral immune response to influenza vaccine depends on the vaccine type [1]
      Sex Bias in Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Neuroinflammation: Relevance for Dimethyl Fumarate Immunomodulatory/Anti-oxidant Action [1]
      Sex Difference in Oxidative Stress Parameters in Spinal Cord of Rats with Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis: Relation to Neurological Deficit [1]
      Sex Differences in Macrophage Functions in Middle-Aged Rats: Relevance of Estradiol Level and Macrophage Estrogen Receptor Expression [1]
      Sex differences in Tfh cell help to B cells contribute to sexual dimorphism in severity of rat collagen-induced arthritis [1]
      Sex-Based Differences in Monocytic Lineage Cells Contribute to More Severe Collagen-Induced Arthritis in Female Rats Compared with Male Rats [1]
      Sexual diergism in antibody response to whole virus trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in outbred mice [1]
      Sexual dimorphism in rat thymic involution: a correlation with thymic oxidative status and inflammation [1]
      Sexual dimorphism in Th17/Treg axis in lymph nodes draining inflamed joints in rats with collagen-induced arthritis [1]
      Sexual dimorphism in the aged rat CD4+T lymphocyte-mediated immune response elicited by inoculation with spinal cord homogenate [1]
      Sexual dimorphism in the catecholamine-containing thymus microenvironment: A role for gonadal hormones [1]
      Significance of extending the diagnostic algorithm for sIgE to rApi m1, rVes V5 and CCD (MUXF3) in patients with hymenoptera sting allergy: importance for selecting insect venom species for allergen-specific immunotherapy [1]
      Sistemi skorovanja [1]
      Skin reactivity and HEP system in pollen susceptible adults [1]
      Slučaj humane monocitne erlihioze u Srbiji [1]